Monday, August 27, 2012

MIT Sloan Fellows 2012 Commencement & Pictures - Final Post

This is going to be my final post. 

Our class graduated on Jun 8th, 2012. It was indeed a proud moment for all the fellows and our families. 

One year back I started this blog merely to share my experience as a Sloan Fellow as there weren't any other resources available online. I was pleasantly surprised to see the interest in this program. I was contacted by over a 100 people from all over the world. I'm very thankful to all the readers who have  followed my blog and to those who have reached out to me during my journey at MIT. 

I thoroughly enjoyed all my interactions with everyone and I hope I was able to help and answer your queries. This blog is just a glimpse into the life of a Sloan Fellow but there is so much more that the program and the school has to offer. 

Now that I have graduated, I am formally closing this blog. For those who are interested, I have taken up a position in Operations with in the US. I have always enjoyed working in Operations and this is what I wanted to do after Sloan. 

Though the blog is formally closed, I will still be available to answer any queries and respond to any comments.

Some pictures from our commencement are posted below.

Once again, thank you for all the support. It has been nothing less than a transformational journey. Here's wishing the very best for all prospective candidates.

Red Jackets, Class of 1962

Salman Khan of Khan Academy, Commencement Speaker

Grad Rat
Grad Rat


  1. hello! if you would be so kind, i was wondering if we could talk in private? i have many questions i'd like to ask. my email add is thank you so much. appreciate it.

  2. Nice post and thanks for sharing. All the best for your future.
    IIBS Online

  3. Hi ECLS,
    I have been going through your blog from some time and i found it to be really helpful. I want to thank you for doing this community service and helping folks like me. Now coming down to my Q's:
    -What is the avg GMAT for this prg. as my best score is only 660.
    - I will be completing 10 yrs of professional exp. in Aug 2015 and would like to apply for the class of 2015. Do u think MIT will consider my candidacy for this prg?

    1. @ SKS, thank you for your comment. Best way to assess the fitment is to schedule a phone call with the admissions office. They will be able to indicate whether and when you should apply to the program. This is a program which focusses on global leadership and innovation. Based on the information you have provided it is not possible for me to comment whether you can or cannot be considered for the program. Best of luck..!!

  4. The blog is quite awesome that has provided me the best knowledge statement of purpose for mba,I never ever read such type of info before this was really incredible.

  5. Terrific blog...went thru all the entries. Admitted to SF class of 2017.