Monday, March 26, 2012

California Trip (with Pictures) - MIT Sloan Fellows Program

We are now in the final semester and have finished the first half (H1). As part of the program, the Sloan Fellows class made a trip to California last week. We met top leaders from companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Pandora and IDEO. The theme of the trip was 'Innovation'. If you remember from my earlier post, the theme of the New York trip was 'Leadership'. As ours is a program in Global Leadership and Innovation, themes of both the trips were in line with that of the program. 

We also visited Stanford and met the Sloan Masters Class of 2012 there. It was an interesting experience. 

Comment from one of the Stanford fellows which I think is very relevant, specially for people deciding between these two schools - if you want to pursue a career in High Tech or Venture Capital, only then it makes sense to come to Stanford, else you should go to MIT. 

And a personal observation, the Stanford campus was great but I found it to be totally cut off from the rest of the world. Cambridge has the advantage of being close to Boston, Harvard and the entire corporate/student community. After being with Infosys for so many years, I have never been a  fan of huge campuses. Once the novelty wears out, it doesn't feel so beautiful and excessive walking becomes a pain.

Enjoy the pictures..!!

Facebook HQ

LinkedIn Welcomes MIT Sloan Fellows

LinkedIn Entrance

Allen Blue, VP & Co-Founder LinkedIn, addressing fellows

Joe Kennedy, CEO Pandora

eBay HQ

John Donohue, CEO eBay addressing Fellows

eBay HQ