Sunday, November 20, 2011

Amazing Leaders (with pictures) at MIT Sloan - MIT Sloan Fellows Program

One of the advantages of coming to a top Business School is that you get to meet/hear some of the best leaders in the world.

I have had the privilege of listening/meeting/knowing the following leaders in the last 6 months:

MIT India Conference' 2011

NRN and Desh Deshpande on the panel

UPS CEO during the Dean's Innovative Leadership Series

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman during Dean's Innovative Leader's Series - I couldn't get a seat in the audi as it was full so I was sitting outside and watching the live broadcast.

Daniel Hesse, CEO Sprint - Sloan Fellow'89, came to speak with our class. One of my favorite sessions. He spoke how he turned around Sprint. Truly an amazing leader. Gets a standing ovation from the class.

Patrick R. Donahoe, Post Master General & CEO, USPS. Sloan Fellow' 93 also visited campus and spoke to the Sloan Fellows. The sheer scale of USPS operations makes his job so very challenging.
(Image courtesy
Also, Mark Zuckerberg was at MIT couple of weeks back. Entry was based on a lottery and I did not win. But lot of my friends went and heard him talk about Facebook, social media and its future.

Here is the link (image and link courtesy MIT News Office,


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  2. HI ECLS,

    Your blog has been very informative. Having been in MIT for the last 5 months+, would you say that it has help you to find your true North?

    From your experience,when does the adcom begin to contact prospective fellows for interviews?


  3. Hi ENK,
    Thanks for your post.
    Overall experience at MIT has been great. I couldn't have asked for more.
    Regarding the interviews, i got a call for interview in the first week of December and the result in the third week of Dec. But then there were other International Fellows who heard in Jan. So expect to hear around mid-Dec or anytime after first week of Jan.
    Good luck.

    1. Hi ECLS,

      I trust you are well.I was interviewed on the 3 rd week of January. Would you know when the adcom does communicate the results or whether class 2013 has been finalised.

      Thank you in advance

    2. Hi ENK,

      For international students the deadline to receive final result is around mid-feb. For US nationals and permanent residents its much later.

      Good luck.

  4. Hi ECLS,

    You really is doing a great job on this blog. Very appreciate your writing. Could you send me an email at as I got an chance of interview very soon and would like to have your advice. ( I also sent you message on linkedin).


  5. Hi TT,
    I just responded to your mail.
    Best of luck.