Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sheer Brilliance in Action Part 2 - MIT Sloan Fellows Program

Sometimes you come across teachers who take teaching to a totally different level. When you sit in their class you can only feel fortunate to be able to experience such brilliance. 

Prof. John Van Maanen teaches a course called Leading Organisations to the Sloan Fellows. His experience and expertise in subjects like organisation behavior and organisation design is unmatched. 

In the picture below he is in fact standing on the table. This was just to demonstrate that communication  becomes extremely difficult if the divide between the top management and the rest of the organisation is too much. Such a hard hitting message conveyed in such a simple manner...simply brilliant...


  1. I love your blog soooooooo much! It's a amazing!!!! Can't believe you've done sooo much great jobs.

    Here is my background, could you please have a look and advice if I am eligible to apply?

    -Female from China
    -Senior project manager at a US company in China Headquater.
    -30 years old
    -I got my bachlor degree in 2005, so I have 6 years work experience after graduation. However, I have run my business since age 19, and that business still runing today. If that accounts, then I have 10-11 years work experience. As I don't know how to account my year of work experience, could you share your insignts about this and advice me if am qualified to apply MIT sloan fellows program?
    Thanks and I am looking forward to hear from you.

  2. plus, here is my GT score:
    -GMAT 700
    -Toefl IBT 102
    -GPA 2.8-3.2 (run my business then, so missed some courses)

    I really like the entrepreneural ecosystem in Boston area and eager to be part of it.Thanks!

  3. @ Judy - thank you for the kind words. I am glad that the blog has helped. I am no expert in evaluating anyone's profile but here are my inputs -

    You seem to have an accomplished background with great scores. Usually schools look at formal years of experience after graduation, but for this program I would advise you to speak with the program office. How this works is you send them a mail and they fix a telecon with the candidate.

    This program is very heavy on leadership and if you have managed your business from the age of 19 it will work in your favor. Also, some people get into the program at a very young age (which is usually 30). So best option is to speak with the program office.

    And since you are fairly young from this program perspective, if you dont get in this year, you could definitely try next year. This is a fantastic program and you will learn so much more versus in a two year MBA. For tips on how to approach the first discussion with program office, look at my earlier post.

    Good luck and let me know if you need any more clarifications.

  4. Hi ECLS,

    Your posts on Sloan Fellow program are very exciting.

    I have over 10 years of experience and have been living in Nigeria for the last one and half years.

    Could you share your email id with me so that I could discuss with in detail you about the program. My email id is

  5. @Sumit - Thanks for your post. I have sent you a mail.