Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sheer Brilliance In Action - Professors of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program

There are some great professors at MIT Sloan School of Management. Only when you sit in their class you realize how much you dont know. There are some classes which make you think really hard, perhaps in the directions you have never thought and then suddenly you realize that you are witnessing sheer brilliance in action. Two such professors are Simon Jonson and Andrew Lo . 

Simon Johnson was the Chief Economist at IMF and the Sloan Fellows are privileged to be taught by someone like him.  

Prof. Johnson in Action 
A Sloan Fellow clarifying doubt after class
Prof. Andrew Lo did not teach us just Financial Management, he taught us concepts in Financial Engineering. How Financial Engineering can help change the world. 

Prof. Lo gets a standing ovation by the Sloan Fellows after his final class in Summer
Both of them are world renowned experts in their fields. Do check the links for some great insights..

Another reason for coming to MIT Sloan Fellows program.

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  1. Hi Vibhore -

    I remember feeling the same way at classes in Berkeley, felt like professors made me realize there's still so much I don't know. Then as I entred the workforce, from different bosses & CEOs, I felt like I was constantly learning and that kept me going through the good and the bad. Keep writing, good stuff!

    Would love to invite you to an event on Thurs nite, hope to see you there and we can chat more about entrepreneurship!