Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sheer Brilliance In Action - Professors of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program

There are some great professors at MIT Sloan School of Management. Only when you sit in their class you realize how much you dont know. There are some classes which make you think really hard, perhaps in the directions you have never thought and then suddenly you realize that you are witnessing sheer brilliance in action. Two such professors are Simon Jonson and Andrew Lo . 

Simon Johnson was the Chief Economist at IMF and the Sloan Fellows are privileged to be taught by someone like him.  

Prof. Johnson in Action 
A Sloan Fellow clarifying doubt after class
Prof. Andrew Lo did not teach us just Financial Management, he taught us concepts in Financial Engineering. How Financial Engineering can help change the world. 

Prof. Lo gets a standing ovation by the Sloan Fellows after his final class in Summer
Both of them are world renowned experts in their fields. Do check the links for some great insights..

Another reason for coming to MIT Sloan Fellows program.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good to Average to Great

There have been many great experiences for me at MIT. When I look back at the Summer Term, it was extremely challenging for all the Sloan Fellows. Even though each one of us came from different backgrounds one particular feeling was common amongst all the fellows --

  • All of us were GOOD in our respective fields and hence we got chosen for the program. 
  • But when you arrive at MIT and saw so many smart people around you, you suddenly became AVERAGE. 
  • But the most amazing thing was that all the fellows (no matter how accomplished they may be) wanted to learn from each other. I am yet to meet a person at MIT who thinks that he is smarter than others. And when you surrender to this amazing environment, you start your journey to become GREAT. 

In my opinion, Sloan Fellows program at MIT is a journey of


Though this transition has been hard but I have loved every moment of it..!! 

Laptop for MBA

I have got lot of queries on which laptop one should buy for business school. I also had this question when I was coming for the Sloan Fellows program.

So here is my take -

1) Software
- You just need a basic machine which can run Microsoft Office (Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel) etc. For submitting course papers, case write-ups etc you will basically use MS Office. For some quant type of classes like Data Models etc. you need softwares like Solver etc.

2) Processor - An i3 processor is sufficient. i5 is ok if you want more speed but I guess the difference when you are running just MS Office is not huge. i7 I think is overpowered unless you are into some heavy stuff like editing videos etc.

3) Size/Weight - 13/14 inch is what most people use. One should go for a lightweight machine as you have to carry it all day long and with books the bag does become heavy.

4) Where to buy - For international students, you can purchase from your home country or come to US and get it. I recommend getting one in US as you get better deals and international warranty for some brands may not be available if you bought your pc lets say in Japan. 

5) Mac or Windows - Though MIT recommends PC over Mac, it just depends on personal preference. Either of them would work fine. Though the support for Mac is limited and also some 3rd party softwares dont have a Mac version. But its not a big deal and there are ways around it.

6) Netbooks - I have seen plenty of people use it without any issues. Its light and easy to carry (something which is a big plus as you lug your laptop from class to class, all day long). But it does strain your eyes as the screen is very small.  

Lastly, think about spending big bucks on your laptop for school because once you graduate, you would get a new machine from your employer (in most cases). So think of it as a short term purchase.