Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Term - Sloan Fellows Program

Many seniors had told me that the Summer term (Jun - Aug) are very intense but after having experienced it myself, its an understatement. The summer is often referred to as the 'Boot Camp' because its meant to prepare the mid-career executives (who have never given a test or sat in class for many years) for the coming year.

Summer term is ending on 25th of Aug with Final Exams and all classmates are looking forward to it. To give an idea of how brutal :)) the course is, let me share some details -

Summer (rather all terms are divided into 2 halves) H1 & H2 -

H1 - Summer 

  • Consists of only Core courses, no electives
  • Subjects -
    • Applied Economics for Managers
    • Financial Accounting
    • Marketing Management
    • A total of 60 lectures (1.5 hrs each) and 17 recitations (recitations are revision classes taken by Teaching Assistants who are mostly Ph.d students, these are optional)
H2 - Summer
  • Also consists of only Core courses, no electives
  • Subjects - 
    • Data, Models and Decisions
    • Financial Management
    • Mgt. of Supply Networks for Products and Services
    • Leadership & Integrative Management (across H1/H2)
    • A total of 60 lectures and 13 recitations
Plus - 
  • A power packed week on Entrepreneurship where multiple guest speakers were invited to address the class. - more about this in future posts
  • There are at least 3-6 assignments in the week. Either a case write up is required or individual group homework, and a ton of reading to do.
  • Sloan Fellows also have to give EXAMS for all the above subjects (minus Marketing & Supply Chain - where a group case is due as the final project)
  • In between the academics, there are multiple networking events, forums, meetings, initiatives taken up by Sloan fellows, parties etc. 

I have never read this in my life that I am reading here at MIT. Though the course is brutal, its one of the most amazing experience one can have. It pushes you to unimaginable limits.

After being in the program for over two and half months, I fell more confident, humble and eager to learn new things. I only wish is a day had 36 hrs instead of 24.. :)

In my next post, I will describe a typical day in the life of a Sloan Fellow....stay tuned..

Enjoy the night shot of MIT Sloan

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