Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Sloan Fellow

I just finished my summer term at MIT. 

While it was extremely tough, it was also one of the most amazing experience for me. The academics, the cohort, the networking activities, the faculty etc. are truly world class and these are the reasons why people come to a world class institution like MIT. 

As promised in my earlier post, I want to give readers a sense of what it is like to be a Sloan Fellow at MIT. Let me describe a typical weekday for you..

  • 0830 am to 1000 am - Data Models & Decisions lecture 
  • 1000 am to 1015 am - Break
  • 1015 am to 1145 am - Operations Management lecture
  • 1145 am to 1200 pm - Lunch (sometimes you would have guest speakers, meetings/initiatives by lunch)
  • 0100 pm to 0230 pm - Financial Management lecture
  • 0245 pm to 0415 pm - Data Models & Decisions recitation
  • 0430 pm to 0600 pm - Financial Management recitation

After attending classes all day long the study groups (of 4 fellows) meet for assignments, case write ups, group discussions etc. I have had meetings go on from 0630 pm to 1000 pm on most evenings and even beyond sometimes. 

Well that is not the end of the day. Once you return to your room/apt, there are readings to do for the next day. Usually you will have 2-3 cases to read (approx 50 pages) and pre-readings of chapters to be discussed next day in class. But by the time you finish reading cases its usually past midnight and there is very little time to read chapters from text books. 

All in all, the amount of reading I have done in the last three months has been quite a bit. And now, I can look at an HBS case and figure out what to skip and where to read. Trust me, it helps when its 2am and you have two more cases to read. 

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