Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drinking from a Fire-hose

Its been a while since I last blogged about the program. The only reason is there hasn't been any free time  since the course started. The famous MIT saying - 'Drinking from a Fire-hose' has really come true. I have loads of information to share about the program, city, different types of accommodation for graduates and some nice pictures which I will try to share this weekend.

And there hasn't been a single day in the program that I have not learnt something new. Just a month into the program and I get overwhelmed with something new everyday. It truly is a life-transforming experience.

More on it this weekend....enjoy the pic..

Drinking from a Fire-hose


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  2. Hi
    Thanks for starting this blog. It is very informative.I am one of the prospects looking to get into the 2013 Fellow program. My profile is similar to yours. From India, 10 years experience ( all in IT) with one of the largest Indian IT company. I am currently in US. I came to know about this program and I sent my resume. I have my first telephonic conversation next week. I know you are very busy, but is it possible to provide some insight and what to expect during the conversation. Appreciate your help.
    Best regards

  3. @ AM26
    Thanks for your comment. I am not an expert but will share my inputs with you.

    The first discussion will be an introduction. Since you have already sent your resume to the program office, they may ask you to talk a bit about your background and why you want to do this course.

    There are two ways you can approach this discussion. 1) To be prepared 2) To be not prepared. Former works better in my opinion.

    You should use this opportunity to understand more about the program. It is best to avoid asking questions around information which is readily available on the website. For eg. avrg. age, nationalities, no. of people etc. etc.

    If there is any aspect of the program which is not shared on the site, you should bring that up in the discussion. And believe me, there are plenty. So the advice is to do your research on the program.

    While there is no right or wrong way to approach it, you DO want to have a clear sense of your goals and evaluate whether this program can help you achieve those goals of not.

    Lastly, program office speaks to a number of candidates every year and the ones who stand out are the ones who have a good idea of where they want to go.

    Good luck..!!

  4. Thanks @ ECLS. This is really helpful.