Thursday, July 28, 2011

The New Sloan Building - E-62

The new Sloan Building was completed last year in fall. E62 is truly an amazing set up. All classrooms and study rooms are set up with the latest audio visual aids. The building overlooks the Charles River and is truly a great place to study in. Sloan Fellows Class of 2012 is lucky as all the lectures happen in this new building. This is also the place where we spend most of our time after our classes doing group work.

Here are some pictures of E62 and also E51 (another building where we had our orientation).
Main Entrance

This is one piece of stone

Classroom during break (E-51)

Classroom during break (E-51)

E-62, Staircase

E-62, View from 2nd Floor

Overlooking Charles River

2nd Floor, seating area

E-62, View of the 2nd Floor

Fellows getting ready for photo session for SF Brochure

Outside of E-62

E-62, Courtyard

One of the rooms on the Corporate Floor in E-62

Book Wall in E-62 Corporate Floor

Front View

Old Sloan Building Entrace - I really like it..!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Graduate Accommodation

In this post I want to talk about one of the most important logistic issue which is accommodation. There are a number of options for Sloan Fellows and details can be found on the MIT housing website

Do note that there is a lottery for housing and the allocation is applicable from Fall (Aug every year). This means that you have to take a Sublease an apt from Jun-Aug in case you want to stay on campus.

There are also a number of options outside MIT where Sloan Fellows usually stay. Rents are usually above $2500 for a 2 bed room apt. Options given below are popular as they are walking distance from Sloan.

While people have different preferences there are a lot of benefits of staying on campus -

  1. Less expensive (cable, internet, heat included)
  2. You stay within the graduate community which is really important
  3. There are plenty of events like BBQ, Summer Parties which happen in the dorms
  4. Free shuttle to and fro from campus
  5. Plenty of study rooms and common kitchens
  6. All facilities like gym, laundry, movie rentals etc are available on campus at zero or nominal cost
I am attaching some pictures of Ashdown House which is the newest graduate residence in MIT. This is meant for single students.
Ashdown Sign

Efficiency Room

Efficiency Room

Outside view

Main Entrance

View from Inside overlooking Courtyard

Poster inside the elevator. Plenty of people sell stuff like this

Common Kitchen

Common Kitchen

Efficiency Room

Efficiency Room
Ashdown House also has a pub called Thirsty Ear.

Also attaching picture of Eastgate Apartment. This housing option is nearest to Sloan and is meant only for students with families.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drinking from a Fire-hose

Its been a while since I last blogged about the program. The only reason is there hasn't been any free time  since the course started. The famous MIT saying - 'Drinking from a Fire-hose' has really come true. I have loads of information to share about the program, city, different types of accommodation for graduates and some nice pictures which I will try to share this weekend.

And there hasn't been a single day in the program that I have not learnt something new. Just a month into the program and I get overwhelmed with something new everyday. It truly is a life-transforming experience.

More on it this weekend....enjoy the pic..

Drinking from a Fire-hose