Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MIT Sloanpoint

Few weeks after the MIT id is created, all Sloan Fellows get access to an internal site called Sloan point.

Its an interesting website which contains important information about upcoming events, fellows students, financial aid, medical insurance, technology services, laptop recommendations, parking and T-passes, tips about getting your family to Cambridge and also information about sublets and housing. This site even has an online marketplace where current fellows advertise stuff they would like to sell. Items range from furniture to computers to cars.


  1. • Thanks for this informative blog. I am seriously considering the MIT fellowship program next year. I currently have 9+ years of experience across areas of energy and intellectual property including 3 years of entrepreneurial experience. I had 2 questions if you can help:
    1. Unlike all others B-schools, the MIT fellowship home page does not talk about placements/job opportunities after the program. Also there is this general assumptions that most of the fellows go for teaching or research jobs after the program. Any further info in this regard?
    2. My undergrad grades are very average. Will that seriously affect my candidature for this course more so as this is a fellowship program?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S: I'm planning to take GMAT in mid August

  2. Thanks for your comment SureV. Couple of things:

    a) This program does not offer any placement services. Not that the school cannot but providing placement to senior folks from the industry is not in line with the program objective.

    b) Out of an avrg 100 people, 60% class is company sponsored (hence no placement services). Out of the balance 40%, roughly 40 people, around 20-25 are entrepreneurs. The rest 10-15 or maybe 20 are self funded who need and look for jobs after the program.

    So its not true that most of the fellows go in for teaching jobs. In fact, I haven't seen or come across any profile who is a Prof after the Sloan Program. Though the program Director Stephen Sacca, is a fellow himself. He graduated in 1990. But he also became Director after 10 yrs, i.e in 2000.

    2) Schools look at the overall profile. Clichéd it may sound but its true.

    You may have average undergrad scores but if you have done exceptionally well in your professional career you should be fine.

    Also, this program is not for people looking to shift careers. It is a program for mid-career managers aiming to take up senior roles in future.

    Lastly, this program is very heavy on Leadership and Innovation. In case, you decide to apply, make sure you showcase these elements in your application.