Saturday, May 28, 2011

Host Assignment

Every year, the existing class of Sloan Fellows get a Host Assignment. This is a very old practice where each member of the incoming class is introduced (over email) to a member of the existing class. The Hosts then act as a single point of contact for the incoming fellows and help them by answering their questions about the course, city, housing etc. Usually one gets a host from his/her own country.

I think it is a good practice as it eases the load on the program office to answer a lot of individual queries and the new students get a first hand download from existing fellows. However, if your host is busy (which is the case mostly) one should find out ways to connect with other students through LinkedIn etc. to get the required information.

P.S - Hosts get their assignments in mid-Feb every year as by then the class if finalized. I missed putting this in my earlier posts. Though this post comes after the April Orientation, the timing of this assignment should not be mistaken. Its the first communication you receive from the program office after the confirmation of your admission.

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