Tuesday, April 5, 2011

F1 Visa Interview Experience

I had my interview at the Chennai Consulate in India.

I had carried the following docs with me.
  1. I-20
  2. Sevis Fee Receipt
  3. MIT FCU Loan Approval Receipt
  4. Admit Letter
  5. Deposit receipt of $10,000
Pls note that this is not an exhaustive list of documents and depending on your background, funding option etc you may need more documents. I am no authority on the visa process, I am just sharing my interview experience. And by the way, I forgot to take my employment proof and graduation diploma. Though it was not asked but I should have carried it.

Visa Officer (VO) after seeing the my form online -

VO - oh so what are you going to do at MIT
me - I am going for a fellowship for a year
VO - what are you going to study
me - Business Management
VO - where are you working
me - told her my company
VO - your visa is approved and you will get your passport in a week
me - thank you
VO - have a good day
me - you too

While the process may vary for some people/nationalities/regions, the general view is this that MIT brand is very strong and usually there are no rejections if you are coming to a top school in US. I got my visa in flat 10 seconds. 

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