Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Define the END...!!

GMAT - means to an MBA.... But an MBA  - means to what..???

A lot of people want to score a 700 to get into a good school. While there is nothing wrong but people usually fail to understand that GMAT is a means to an End but not an End itself.

Lets take a moment to understand this..!!
  • We need a good score to get an admit.
  • We need an admit to get an MBA
  • We need an MBA to ..............................???????

Some may say that MBA is a means to an End.

Please ask 'WHAT IS THAT END' for you.? In other words, what is it that you would like to do..??

Is it money, experience of being in school or just a brand on your resume.

I think once you DEFINE the end, your journey to get into the school of your choice would become far more easier.

Lastly, a Harvard/Stanford/Wharton/MIT may look cool on your resume but don't start your journey without having the END in mind.

And, dont let your END be limited/controlled by the career options available - Banking/Consulting/and the likes.

Because if you do, you could be in the same shit again..!!


  1. Hi There,

    Thanks for your effort in sharing all your experiences to get into MIT SLOAN fellow program. This information is very helpful for me. I am looking at one of the SLOAN fellow (1 yr) programs too. I wanted to clarify certain things from my context :

    1. Did you consider IIMA PGPEX program? How would you compare the PGPEX program with the SLOAN programs?
    2. Also is TOEFL necessary for applying into the SLOAN programs?

    3. Also wanted to hear your take on whether my profile can get an interview call from SLOAN programs.

    My brief profile :

    - Indian
    - 2 yrs of core manufacturing experience
    - 13 yrs of IT experience (out of 13 yrs, 7 yrs of international exposure) in a large company. Holding a leadership position managing a team of more than 500 people.
    - GMAT 700

  2. @ Sloan Aspirant -
    Hi..thanks for your comment. Yes, I did consider the PGPEX program at IIMA and IIMB. While those programs are good in content, the class is not international. Another drawback was almost 60% of the class consists of IT engineers. Hence, decided against it.
    Best way to start the process is to drop a note to the program office and let them know of your interest in the program.
    Your experience is apt for a program like Sloan where leadership is looked at very seriously. Also, its important to have clarity on long term goals. This is not a program for people who want to shift careers.
    TOEFL is usually not reqd and is waived after you speak with the program office.
    Good luck.